The history of St Andrew’s Methodist Church

The present St Andrew’s Methodist Church is a direct descendent of a Primitive Methodist Church in Bushey, which was established in about 1850. The Bushey Church was at the corner of the High Street and Melbourne Road and nothing of the original Church is now visible although it still exists in bricks and mortar because it was used as a basis for a private film theatre in Sir Hubert Herkomer’s  Bushey Film Studio, which he built in about 1887. Nowadays, the film studio (and the Church) has been absorbed into a collection of offices, but it has been granted “listed building” status due to its role as one of the first film studios in England. For more information visit
My Primitive Methodist Ancestors. Bushey Primitive Methodist Church by David Noble.

The move to Bushey Heath in 1883 was in response to a growth in population, the building of a school and also many houses. The first Methodist presence in Bushey Heath was an “Iron Chapel” in The Rutts and the congregation went from strength to strength, so much so that by 1888 a new Church was being considered for Bushey Heath. After much fund raising, building eventually started and the foundation stone of the new Methodist Church in Bushey Heath was laid in 1891. The congregation thrived in its new premises (now the site of shops on the south-west side of the High Road, Bushey Heath), but after about 70 years the building gradually began to show its age and it needed a large amount of money for renovation. However this was not needed, because a property developer offered to buy the Church for redevelopment as shops and as part of the deal, additional land was purchased for a brand new Church.
For more information on the "Iron Chapel" visit My Primitive Methodist Ancestors. Bushey Heath Primitive Methodist Chapel by David Noble.

St Andrew’s Church moved to its current site and was built in a much more modern style than its predecessors and was designed to combine under one roof the spiritual and secular needs of the growing community of Bushey Heath. It was formally opened in 1968.

For more about the history of St Andrew’s Church please visit
A History of the Methodist Church on Bushey Heath 1883-1983 by JM Wood