Our Minister: Rev. Richard Lowson 


Come into the Garden….

I think this was the title of a song (well before my time) “Come into the garden Maud”. I really do love my garden at Belmont Road and it never fails to surprise me. Last Summer I thought I had dug all my tulip bulbs up and placed them in paper bags to be planted in pots later for a controlled show, neat tulips in nice rows of terracotta pots.

Only I discovered beautiful clumps of yellow tulips coming through in the beds of last year. They should not be there but I am not complaining -– it really is a lovely thing to gaze at on a grey damp morning.

Garden stories are central to our faith, if we want to discover more about our creator God we need to immerse ourselves in the story of the garden of creation. The creative Spirit at work from the beginning of time, a God who creates from nothing. It is in a Garden, the olive press Gethsemane, we discover the true humanity of God made flesh. And in an Easter garden at the break of a new day we discover the risen Christ with this message of new life and new hope.

I love the work of the garden designer Capability Brown, who starts with an almost blank canvas on which he creates a new and beautiful landscape, planting trees, moving earth, forming hills and shaping water. The mind and hands of a great creator.
I am looking forward to creating in my garden this year. I am taming the wilderness at the top of the garden, hoping to plant a wildflower meadow. I’m no Capability Brown but I dream of what could be. A space where I can gaze on the beauty that points to the hand of the creator.

I invite you to Come into my garden! I will be holding my Annual Manse Garden Party on Saturday 7th July. Pop in anytime between 10:00am and 4pm. Put the date in your diary. More details to follow.

Enjoy the gardens you visit this Spring – Let God take you by surprise.


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