Our Minister: Rev. Richard Lowson 


Fresh Expressions…

Sorry to keep going on about bread but it is just one of the exciting things that is happening in my ministry at the moment. I write this after just having baked bread with about 25 young people (with their parents/carers and a great team of helpers). We baked our Turtle rolls and gave bread rolls away to be smothered with Jam, Chocolate spread or squeezy cheese and shared. When was the last time we had 25 children in our Sunday Schools?

It may not be on a Sunday but we are getting young people through the doors. Like our Bread making at CPSO many of these people were coming into church for the first time, and we hope it won’t be the last time. Our challenge is to make church/worship a place they want to come.

Both bread making ventures involved taking risks, and as a church we should not be afraid about taking risks.

Both ventures are about shaping community. Strangers are strangers no longer, it is a place and space where all are welcome. A place where we can share stories.

I am no bread making expert, I am picking it up as I go along, but the thing that excites me is that transformation when shaped dough becomes baked bread. That sense of achievement when you first see your bread taken from the oven.

There was a wonderful moment when one of the youngsters willing gave some of her rolls so all can be fed. There is something scriptural about that – God was truly in this place, it was a moment of meeting – communion.

September sees the start of another new Methodist year, the cycle of meetings and the routine begins. But in our church life let us create opportunities for fresh expressions, let’s take risks and be surprised by God.


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