Our Minister: Rev. Richard Lowson 


Christmas is coming.....

Getting the message across is more important than ever these days. Grabbing your share of the Christmas market is essential and having the right Christmas Advertising can make or break your Christmas sales.
I wait with eager anticipation each year for the John Lewis Christmas Ad, but this year I am disappointed. Perhaps it is just me but the cuddly monster Moz does nothing for me. It has been known for the John Lewis ad to move me to tears (I am a big softie), but not this year.

John Lewis say it with a monster under the bed, Waitrose with a Northern snow drift, Aldi with a talking carrot and M&S with a burglar and a well known bear in a duffle coat. They all want us to know that a perfect Christmas starts and finishes with a trip to their store.

How good are we at getting the message across? How important is it to us to share our Christmas message? Our Christmas services are accessible to all ages, to those inside and outside church. We can do tradition and nostalgia but can also challenge and be contemporary. We can give that feel good factor and let our community know the real meaning of the season.

Our posters and banners will advertise what we are doing but a personal invitation makes all the difference: “Come and see...”.

2000 years ago it was a brighter than bright star in the sky, a stirring in the heart, a tear in the eye a baby in a manger that heralded that God was with us, the Christ child was born. Simply and silently the wondrous gift was given.

Let’s make a big splash, let’s shout it from the rooftops Christmas is coming.

Have a special Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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